From Manetas to Metamanetas

How I became Metamanetas

Yanis Varoufakis wearing a t-shirt designed by Miltos Manetas

"Outside of the internet there is no glory". I wrote this in 2007 and then I turned it to a "dot Com". Back then, I was the least involved with politics and social struggle person you can imagine. But I was leaving in London's High Gate, close to Karl Marx's grave and I was probably visited by his ghost. Something somewhere was already breaking.. the glitter finish on our society's "Desktop Pattern" had start falling apart. In 2009, my friend and Master Malcolm McLaren, was diagnosed with incurable cancer, in May 2010, he was buried next to Karl Marx in a grave he had purchased in the Seventies to host the body of Sid Vicious. With Malcolm, the first part of my life was also gone.. Actually, I broke into two parts. The conformist egocentric artist is still here of course, the "public icon", But nine years ago, on the top of tree in the Amazon forest another person of me came finally of age: Metamanetas.

to be continued