From Manetas to META-MANETAS

“How I became Metamanetas”

In 2007, something was breaking. The glitter finish on our society's "Desktop Pattern" had start falling apart. It took me two more years to come into terms with it but in 2009, another person of me finally came of age: Metamanetas.

“A Piracy Manifesto”

Today the multitude is disrespecting the Law instinctively on a global scale. An army of teenagers is copying, adults are copying, senior citizens are copying. Everyone with a computer is copying something; like a novel Goddess Athena, Information wants to break free from the head of Technology and it assists us on our enterprise. Pirates of the Internet Unite!

“Internet from the top of a tree”

Up on a tree, in the heart of the Amazon jungle, I realize I have internet connection. "To be up here feels amazing, but the fact that I can check my position on Google Earth, send pictures to Facebook and receive email feels even better!

Miltos Manetas

Metamanetas is the other side of Miltos Manetas



Writing should be an opportunity for research and experimentation. New ideas should be written in new ways. With these drawings I am experimenting a new way of writting, a slow DIEMVOICE writing..

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How We Answered the Lies

The attacks on Ilhan Omar mirror the bid to paint Jeremy Corbyn as an enemy of Jews. The Labour Party’s recent history tells US socialists how we can resist such smears — while also fighting antisemitism.

Amazon Is Waging Class War

Let’s call Amazon’s cancellation of its New York City headquarters what it was: a capital strike. It’s a demonstration of why we must overcome capitalists’ power over investment.

Issue No. 31 Out Now!

  • Issue No. 31
  • Fall 2018

Breaking Bank

In This Issue

AOC Is Making C-SPAN Fun

The internal workings of American politics are usually boring as hell. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is making them compulsively watchable — and going after billionaires’ control of our political system in the process.

In His Own Words

Here’s Bernie Sanders in his own words — from denunciations of US militarism to his prediction that “within a decade, Mississippi could become one of the most progressive states in the country.”